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Furnace Brook, LLC v. Aeropostale, Inc. et al.

Furnace Brook, LLC v. Aeropostale, Inc. et al. Docket No. 2011-1025 BRYSON, MOORE, O’MALLEY(D) July 22, 2011 Non-precedential Subject matter: collateral estoppel FB appealed DC grant of SJ that collateral estoppel (CE) prevents it from asserting U.S. Pat. No. 5,721,832 … Continue reading

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In re Lovin (appeal procedure)

In re Lovin Docket No. 2010-1499 BRYSON, MAYER, DYK July 22, 2011 Subject matter: appeal procedure Lovin appealed BPAI decision that claims 1-15, 17-24 and 30-34 of U.S. Appln. No. 10/924,633 directed to “a method and system of friction welding” … Continue reading

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Duramed Pharmaceutical, Inc. v. Paddock Laboratories, Inc.

Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (now known as Teva Women’s Health, Inc.) v. Paddock Laboratories, Inc. Docket No. 2010-1419 LOURIE, GAJARSA, DYK July 21, 2011 Subject matter: claim construction, doctrine of equivalents Duramed appealed USDC SDNY grant of SJ of noninfringement to … Continue reading

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