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Mayo Collaborative Services et al. v. Promethus Laboratories, Inc.

U.S. Supreme Court Docket No. 10-1150 Opinion delivered by J. Breyer March 20, 2012 Brief summary: This decision reversed the FC reversal of a DC decision that the claims of Prometheus’ exclusively licensed patents were directed to unpatentable subject matter. … Continue reading

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Korean Patent Law Changes

Some interesting and potentially useful changes to the Korean Patent Act were recently outlined in a newsletter from Kim & Chang Intellectual Property ( Among these changes are: 1) Patent term adjustments: If registration of a patent is delayed more … Continue reading

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ClearValue, Inc. et al. v. Pearl River Polymers, Inc.

Docket No. 2011-1078, -1100 PROST, SCHALL, MOORE February 17, 2012 Brief summary: Teaching away is relevant to an obviousness analysis but not anticipation. A broad range (genus) can anticipate a limited range (species) if one cannot show anything special (“critical”) … Continue reading

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Digital-Vending Services International, LLC v. The University of Phoenix, Inc. and Apollo Group, Inc.

Docket No. 2011-1216 RADER, LINN, MOORE(D) March 7, 2012 Brief Summary: The panel concluded that the DC improperly added “a ‘free of content managed by the architecture’ limitation to the term ‘registration server’” and reversed that portion of the decision. … Continue reading

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In re Erick P. Staats and Robin D. Leash (“In re Staats”)

Docket No. 2010-1443 DYK, O’MALLEY(C), REYNA March 5, 2012 Brief summary: As long as a broadening reissue application is timely filed, a continuing application therefrom including claims not related to the claims of the original patent or reissue application may … Continue reading

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