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DC grant of SJ of infringement to Lilly under DOE affirmed

Eli Lilly And Company v. Apotex, Inc. Docket No. 2020-1328 ( PROST, BRYSON, STOLL December 21, 2020 Non-precedential Brief Summary:  DC grant of SJ of infringement under DOE affirmed. Summary:  Apotex appealed DC grant of Lilly’s motion for summary judgment … Continue reading

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FC panel affirmed DC claim construction based in part on Maia’s stipulation to infringement

Bracco Diagnostics Inc. v. Maia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Docket No. 2020-1387 ( NEWMAN, O’MALLEY, TARANTO December 17, 2020 Non-precedential Brief Summary:  DC decision affirmed based on claim construction and Maia’s stipulation to infringement (e.g., technical construction errors “harmless”). Summary:  Maia appealed … Continue reading

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DC erred in denying ownership of foreign patents arising from non-disclosure agreement

SiOnyx LLC et al. v. Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. et al. Docket No. 2019-2359, 2020-1217 ( LOURIE, REYNA, WALLACH December 7, 2020 Brief Summary:  DC erred in failing to transfer ownership of foreign patents arising from confidential information disclosed under an … Continue reading

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Infringement by Hospira’s ANDA of Par’s epinephrin injection-related claims affirmed

Par Pharmaceutical, Inc. et al. v. Hospira, Inc. Docket No. 2020-1273 ( DYK, TARANTO, STOLL November 23, 2020 Non-precedential Brief Summary:  DC finding that Hospira’s ANDA infringed Par’s claims affirmed (e.g., “[w]hat a generic asks for an receives approval to … Continue reading

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