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MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. et al. v. Infineon Technologies AG et al.

Docket No. 2017-1448 PROST, WALLACH, STOLL January 29, 2018 Brief summary: DC grant of PI based on its finding that Infineon’s termination of an agreement was ineffective and order requiring Infineon to comply with the agreement affirmed, but vacated and … Continue reading

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Presidio Components, Inc. v. American Technical Ceramics Corp.

Docket No. 2016-2607, -2650 DYK, MOORE, TARANTO November 21, 2017 Brief summary: DC conclusion of no indefiniteness, that “ATC was entitled to the defense of absolute intervening rights”, and denial of enhanced damages affirmed. Award of lost profits and permanent … Continue reading

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Amgen Inc. et al. v. Sanofi, Regeneron et al.

Docket No. 2017-1480 PROST, TARANTO, HUGHES October 5, 2017 Brief summary: DC’s exclusion of post-priority-date evidence relating to whether a representative number of species were described in the patents’ specifications reversed and remanded; grant of permanent injunction against Sanofi therefore … Continue reading

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Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc. et al. v. The Toro Co. and Exmark Manuf. Co.

Docket No. 2016-2433, -2514 MOORE, HUGHES, STOLL February 16, 2017 Brief Summary: The DC’s grant of a preliminary injunction against Toro was affirmed. Summary: Toro/Exmark (a wholly owned subsidiary of Toro) appealed DJ grant of a preliminary injunction (PI) to … Continue reading

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United Construction Products, Inc. D/B/A Bison Innovative Products v. Tile Tech, Inc.

Docket No. 2016-1392 MOORE, WALLACH, STOLL December 15, 2016 Brief Summary: DC grant of default judgment and a permanent injunction to United for patent infringement and unfair competition claims affirmed. Summary: Tile Tech appealed DC grant of default judgment and … Continue reading

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Murata Machinery USA, et al. v. Daifuku Co. Ltd. et al.

Docket No. 2015-2094 REYNA, CHEN, STOLL August 1, 2016 Brief Summary: DC decision denying Murata’s motion to lift a stay while IPR was in progress affirmed. DC denial of Murata’s motion for a preliminary injunction vacated and remanded because of … Continue reading

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Apple, Inc. v. Samsung Electronics, et al.

Docket No. 2014-1802 PROST (D), MOORE, REYNA (C) September 17, 2015 Brief Summary: DC decision denying of Apple’s request for a permanent injunction against Samsung vacated and remanded because it erred in deciding the first two eBay factors (irreparable injury … Continue reading

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