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DC decision of no infringement by Eagle’s ANDA specification and denial of DJ affirmed

Par Pharmaceutical, Inc. et al. v. Eagle Pharmceuticals, Inc. Docket No. 2021-2342 ( MOORE, PROST, HUGHES August 18, 2022 Brief Summary:   DC finding of no infringement under 271(e)(2) affirmed based on Eagle’s ANDA specification to which Eagle is bound, … Continue reading

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DC decision of infringement and no Safe Harbor (§ 271(e)(1)) for Hospira’s EPO affirmed

Amgen Inc. et al. v. Hospira, Inc. Docket Nos. 2019-1067, -1102 MOORE, BRYSON, CHEN December 16, 2019 Brief Summary: DC denial of JMOL and new trial after jury findings of infringement, no anticipation and no Safe Harbor for certain batches … Continue reading

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