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Lilly’s Orange Book ‘209 patent regarding administration of pemetrexed not literally infringed, but infringed under DOE

Eli Lilly and Company v. Hospira, Inc., Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Docket No. 2018-2126, -2127, -2128 LOURIE, MOORE, TARANTO August 9, 2019 Brief Summary: DC literal infringement decision reversed, but infringement under DOE affirmed. Summary: Hospira and Dr. Reddy’s (DRL) appealed … Continue reading

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Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc. et al. v. Sequenom, Inc.

Docket No. 2014-1139, 2014-1144 REYNA, LINN (C), WALLACH June 12, 2015 Update:  Petition for Rehearing en banc denied 12/2/15; Cert. denied 6/27/16 Brief Summary: Method claims for amplifying and detecting fetal DNA in maternal serum or plasma deemed patent ineligible … Continue reading

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Kaneka Corporation v. Xiamen Kingdomway Group Co. et al.

Docket No. 2014-1373, -1399 NEWMAN, REYNA, HUGHES June 10, 2015 Brief Summary: DC claim construction correct on some points but incorrect on others (“inconsistent with the intrinsic record”, steps of claims not limited to particular order, preamble “comprises” does not … Continue reading

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Mformation Technologies, Inc. et al. (“MT”) and Research In Motion Limited et al. (“Blackberry”)

Docket No. 2012-1679, 2013-1123 PROST, SCHALL, HUGHES August 22, 2014 Brief Summary: Post-verdict DC grant of JMOL did not change claim construction but “at most clarified its previous instruction that was already present in the jury instructions.” Steps of method … Continue reading

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